Thursday Tracks


Here’s some guidelines, but if you have a question, please leave me a comment and I’ll answer those there.

  • You can create your own Thursday Tracks graphic or use mine. If you are using mine though, please DOWNLOAD it and SAVE it to your own site. Please don’t just paste my image link into your posts since that eats up my paid-for bandwidth. DOWNLOAD HERE
  • You can use any format for your posts. Single song, whole album, playlists: it’s all good. Do what you want when it comes to this.
  • You can use any music service you want, just keep in mind that not everyone may be signed up for it. I usually go with Spotify (what I prefer for music listening) and YouTube video in the same post.  You can check out all my past posts below.
  • Link back your posts to mine and enter your post link in the comments.

Ok! That’s all I can think of for now, but you can ask questions in the comments.