Review: Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell

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Review: Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley CoriellWelcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell
Published by Abrams
Pub Date: May 1st 2012
Pages: 299
Format: ARC | Source: NetGalley
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
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4 Stars

Big-hearted Chloe Camden is the queen of her universe until her best friend shreds her reputation and her school counselor axes her junior independent study project. Chloe is forced to take on a meaningful project in order to pass, and so she joins her school’s struggling radio station, where the other students don’t find her too queenly. Ostracized by her former BFs and struggling with her beloved Grams’s mental deterioration, lonely Chloe ends up hosting a call-in show that gets the station much-needed publicity and, in the end, trouble. She also befriends radio techie and loner Duncan Moore, a quiet soul with a romantic heart. On and off the air, Chloe faces her loneliness and helps others find the fun and joy in everyday life. Readers will fall in love with Chloe as she falls in love with the radio station and the misfits who call it home.


Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe was just the right amount of lightheartedness that I needed. I found myself laughing so much throughout the course of this story. I loved Chloe’s big personality, and I enjoyed the characters at the school radio station a lot. I kinda loved Clementine, the station manager. Every time she would heave a huge dragon sigh, or say “Oh my gaaaaaaaaawd!” I busted out laughing. I’ve also found myself saying “Oh my gaaaaaaaawd!” a lot lately, lol. It’s just fun to do it! Duncan, our love interest, was such a nice guy! But he had big issues that caused him to suck at communicating or expressing himself with words. He’s the type that SHOWS you he cares by being there when you need him. And while that’s nice, sometimes it’s not always enough.

I was really sad at the way Chloe’s best friends were treating her, especially because it was something that could have been solved with talking about it, but that’s the way some teenagers work. I sure had my share of those situations where if they had just TOLD ME what the problem was, it would have saved us a lot of grief. It was also really devastating seeing these kids’ families struggle with things from substance abuse to health issues to divorce. There was a lot going on at home, and it just goes to show that what may seem perfect from the outside isn’t always what the reality is.

I’d recommend this book to fans of Sarah Dessen. It has those same story elements but with more humor added in.


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Blog Tour: Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell – Dream Cast + Giveaway!

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Blog Tour: Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell – Dream Cast + Giveaway!

Blog Tour: Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell – Dream Cast + Giveaway!Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell
Published by Amulet Books
Pub Date: October 1st 2013
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover | Source: Blog Tour
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
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Rebecca Blue is a rebel with an attitude whose life is changed by a chance encounter with a soon-to-be dead girl. Rebel (as she’s known) decides to complete the dead girl’s bucket list to prove that choice, not chance, controls her fate. In doing so, she unexpectedly opens her mind and heart to a world she once dismissed—a world of friendships, family, and faith. With a shaken sense of self, she must reevaluate her loner philosophy—particularly when she falls for Nate, the golden boy do-gooder who never looks out for himself. Perfect for fans of Jay Asher’s blockbuster hit Thirteen Reasons Why, Coriell’s second novel features her sharp, engaging voice along with realistic drama and unforgettable characters.


Dream Cast

Nate Bolivar

Federico DeVito is Nate Bolivar. Hands down. He has hunky Nate’s dimples, athleticism, and charisma. I can see this good guy taking care of his little brothers and sisters, saving sea swallows, and kayaking through romantic sea caves with Rebel.


 Kennedy Green

Do-gooder Kennedy Green appears in only the first chapter, but she’s a HUGE part of Goodbye, Rebel Blue. Plop a perky blond ponytail on AnnaSophia Robb, and you get an idea of how she looks. But I also think this Hollywood A-lister has Kennedy’s strength and depth.


Macey Kellingsworth

Macey is one of those characters who slooooowly revealed herself to me, and she holds such a special spot in my heart because I know her back story. I’m thinking Allisyn Ashley Arm as Reb’s pie-baking, grim-reaperesque best friend.


Rebecca “Rebel” Blue  

Gah! This is the toughie. Reb isn’t a square peg in a round hole. She’s a “trapezoid.” But she’s also strong and true to herself. My publisher, Amulet Books/Abrams absolutely nailed Rebel on the cover with model Jenna Pasquale. As far as Hollywood, I’ll have to go with a young Ellen Page.


Penelope Blue

Cousin Pen is Rebel’s nemesis through most of the story, so I’ve always envisioned her as the anti-Rebel. Bella Thorne is a shoe-in as a “Cupcake,” Reb’s term for members of the practically perfect popular crowd.




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