Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Just Didn’t Click With

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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Just Didn’t Click With

I had to really sit down and think about this topic. I tried to stay away from the obvious antagonists since those are usually written to be despised characters (Professor Umbridge I am talking to you). So I tried to think of characters that we were supposed to like that I just didn’t really care for at times, or all the time. Let’s get started…

Meghan Chase (The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa) – Don’t get me wrong you guys, I loved the fey world that Julie Kagawa created but the one thing I hated about this series was Meghan Chase. Who also happens to be the main protagonist *sigh*. She infuriated me with her stubbornness, her naivety and her habit of making THE WORST decisions ever. And the constant whining… oh geez the whining. *eye roll*


Ever Bloom (The Immortals Series by Alyson Noel) – I just could not connect with Ever’s character. I get that she was going through a tough time and her acting like a jerk to her friends was how she dealt with it, but come on! She was selfish, immature and just plain mean. Mean people suck.


Percy Weasley (Harry Potter Series by K. Rowling) – Percy was annoyingly perfect. He was way too up tight and arrogant. He always came off as a total snob and seemed to have no real fondness for his family. Not a fan.


Jessica Stanley (Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer) – I always felt that Jessica had a hidden agenda in wanting to be Bella’s friend. You could always sense her jealousy towards Bella’s popularity and for Edward’s affection for her. She was kind of a terrible friend, selfish, and seemed to only be looking out for herself.


Catelyn Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R. R. Martin) – I really like Catelyn’s storyline but I couldn’t really connect with her as a character. I loved how dedicated and loving she was to her husband and children. But underneath that nurturing exterior, she was kind of a jerk. She treated Jon Snow like he was manure on the bottom of her shoe, and she was the epitome of a “helicopter parent.” Nobody puts Jon Snow in the corner. Nobody.


Adam Kent (Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi) – I absolutely LOVED Adam at the beginning of the series, but something weird started happening to him half-way through the series. It’s like he completed shut down and became this sort-of blah character. I kept waiting for him to perk up and do SOMETHING (anything!!!) but he just sort-of faded to the background, and I stopped caring about his character altogether.


Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns by John Green) – Am I the only one that thinks Margo was a self-absorbed, manipulating know-it-all? She basically leads Quentin on, leaving these “clues” around just for her enjoyment, while driving our poor Q crazy. She has no regard for her actions and basically does whatever she wants not caring what mess she leaves behind. Margo Roth Spiegelman was a bitch. There I said it.


Sansa Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R. R. Martin) – Sansa was irritatingly annoying and insufferable at the start of this series, with her grandiose ideas of marrying the perfect prince and living happily ever after. She lived in her own day-dream and was a lying, snooty brat. As the series progressed, Sansa had to learn a lot of very difficult lessons. Although I do enjoy her book storyline, I still can’t much stand her. (I promise I don’t hate ALL the Starks.)


Dobby (Harry Potter Series by K. Rowling) – Okay so, you’re probably all ready to throw tomatoes at me. But seriously Dobby almost got Harry Potter killed more than once!! I know he was just trying to help, and his unfortunate end was super sad, and I cried. I know his heart was in the right place but it just irked me how annoyingly persistent he was at trying to “save” Harry when only putting him in danger. I did forgive him in the end. Fine. Carry on with the tomato throwing…


Bella Swan (Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer) – I almost feel bad for this one because I really love the Twilight series. But I seriously couldn’t stand Bella at times with her constant second-guessing, lack of confidence, her death wish, and for just literally crumbling down and becoming a zombie when Edward left her. Also, I don’t like her for what she did to Jacob. I mean did she really need to lead him on like that?! I really liked Bella most of the time, but at times she just drove me insane!



What do you guys think? Agree, disagree? Do you have any book characters that you just didn’t mesh with? Let me know in the comments!



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Review: We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

31st Aug 2015 Ashley @ Gone with the Words 2015, Reviews, Reviews by Ashley

Review: We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa DiffenbaughWe Never Asked For Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Published by Ballantine Books
Pub Date: August 18th 2015
Pages: 320
Format: ARC | Source: Publisher
Genres: Adult Fiction
Buy the book! | Goodreads
5 Stars

From the beloved New York Times bestselling author of The Language of Flowers comes her much-anticipated new novel about young love, hard choices, and hope against all odds.

For fourteen years, Letty Espinosa has worked three jobs around San Francisco to make ends meet while her mother raised her children—Alex, now fifteen, and Luna, six—in their tiny apartment on a forgotten spit of wetlands near the bay. But now Letty’s parents are returning to Mexico, and Letty must step up and become a mother for the first time in her life.

Navigating this new terrain is challenging for Letty, especially as Luna desperately misses her grandparents and Alex, who is falling in love with a classmate, is unwilling to give his mother a chance. Letty comes up with a plan to help the family escape the dangerous neighborhood and heartbreaking injustice that have marked their lives, but one wrong move could jeopardize everything she’s worked for and her family’s fragile hopes for the future.

(Originally posted by Ashley on Must Love Books)

This book really got me, and in more ways than one. I had had a particularly hard week at work- not just regular work stress–I mean contemplating leaving my job after nearly 6 years–stress. When I came home to this book on my doorstep, I burst into tears and hugged it to my chest. To be completely honest, I don’t know how it arrived at my house, it had been so long since I’ve received a physical copy of an ARC I was really surprised and grateful that it appeared when it did. Was this something I signed up for on Goodreads? Was this sent from the Penguin Random House lovelies I met at BEA? I really didn’t know but I do know it arrived on my doorstep just in time.

Once I dived into this amazing story, I fell head over heels in love with every single character. It took me a while to warm up to Letty but once I did I really really loved her. She made some poor decisions early in her life and it took her a long time to figure out what really matters. When she finally pulled it together, nothing else mattered except her children Alex-15 and Luna-6.

Alex is easily my favorite character. He is smart, selfless, loving and unlike most teenagers I’ve ever met, I kind of want to be him! Of course every great book has to have a love interest-or two, when these two guys walk into Letty’s life, she doesn’t quite know what to do with them because they are both amazing in their own ways. In the end I love the choice she made, even though for a while I was rooting for the other guy!

Have I said yet that I love this book? Maybe it’s the timing in which it arrived in my life, (it could just be the amazing author too) but this easily falls into my “Favorite of all time” list and I will continue insisted everyone I know read it.


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If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins | Review + Excerpt!

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If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins | Review + Excerpt!If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins
Published by HQN
Pub Date: August 25th 2015
Pages: 416
Format: ARC | Source: Publisher
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Women's Fiction
Buy the book! | Goodreads
5 Stars

Sisterhood in all its drama, hilarity and tears is at the heart of New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins's thoroughly captivating new novel, featuring the wit and romance that readers have come to expect from the much-loved creator of the Blue Heron series...

Wedding-dress designer Jenny Tate understands the happily-ever-after business, yet somehow she's still involved in her ex-husband's life. In fact, Owen's new wife may—inexplicably—be Jenny's new best friend. Sensing this, well, relationship isn't helping her move on, Jenny trades the Manhattan skyline for her hometown up the Hudson, where she'll be able to bask in her sister Rachel's picture-perfect family life…and hopefully make one of her own.

Her timing couldn't be more perfect, since Rachel will need her younger sister. Her idyllic marriage has just fallen to pieces in spectacular fashion after she discovers her husband sexting with one of his colleagues. Second chances aren't in Rachel's nature, but the desire for an intact family has her rethinking her stance on adultery, much to Jenny's surprise. Rachel points to their parents' "perfect" marriage as a shining example, but to protect her sister Jenny may have to tarnish that memory—and their relationship­—and reveal a secret about their family she's been keeping since childhood.

During this summer of secrets and lies, temptation and revelation, Jenny and Rachel will rely on each other to find the humor in their personal catastrophes, the joy in their triumphs…and the strength to keep hanging on.

I really connected with If You Only Knew. No, I haven’t gone through either of these situations, but it’s the core of the story that I connected with. Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball you did not see coming, and it’s so devastating at first that you don’t think you’ll ever get back up again. But then you do and you realize everything happens as it should. I get that. And I read this book at a moment in my life when I needed that reminder.

Kristan Higgins does a wonderful job with these characters. I came to really care about them. And it felt like I really knew them! I felt a lot of different emotions while reading this, but as always, the humor is what really sticks out as memorable when it comes to her books. I also shed quite a few tears, which I was prepared for.

I think you’ll find you’ll relate to this story in one way or another, so don’t miss it! And check out this sneak peek below!




Today is one of those days when I realize that staying friends with my ex- husband was a huge mistake.

I’m at the baby shower for Ana-Sofia, Owen’s wife and my replacement. Indeed, I’m sitting next to her, a place of honor in this circle of beaming well- wishers, and I’m probably beaming just as hard as everyone else. Harder, even, my Gosh, isn’t it wonderful, she’s so radiant smile that I give at work quite often, especially as my brides get bitchier or their mothers get more critical or their maids of honor get more jealous. But this smile, the baby shower smile…this is superhuman, really.

I know that coming today is incredibly pathetic, don’t worry. It’s just that I didn’t want to seem bitter by not showing up (though I’m pretty sure I am bitter, at least a little). After all, I’m the one who always wanted kids. Every time I brought it up, though, Owen said he wasn’t sure the time was right, and he loved our life the way it was.

Yeah. So. That turned out not to be quite true, but we did stay friends. Coming today, though…pathetic.

However, I woke up this morning utterly starving, and I knew the food would be amazing at the shower. Ana-Sofia inspires people. Plus, I’m moving out of the city, so for the past three weeks, I’ve been trying to eat or give away every morsel of food in my apartment. Let’s also mention that I couldn’t figure out an excuse that people would buy. Better to be an oddity here than Poor Jenny at home, scrounging through a box of Wheat-Thins of indeterminate age.

Ana-Sofia opens my gift, which is wrapped in Christmas paper, despite it being April. Liza, my host, glowers; the red and green cocoa-swilling Santas are an affront to the party vibe, which Liza noted on the invitations. In an effort to create a beautiful and harmonious environment for Ana-Sofia, please adhere to the apricot and sage color scheme in your clothing and gift-wrapping choices. Only in Manhattan, folks. I’m wearing a purple dress as a middle finger to Liza, who used to be my friend but now posts daily on FB that she’s LOL-ing with her BFF, Ana-Sofia.

“Oh! This is so lovely! Thank you, Jenny! Everyone, look at this! It’s beautiful!” Ana-Sofia holds up my gift, and there are gasps and murmurs and exclamations and a few glares that I have the best present here. I cock an eyebrow at the haters. Suck  it up, bitches. My gift was actually dashed off last night, as I kind of forgot to buy a present, but they don’t have to know that.

It’s a white satin baby blanket with leaves and trees and birds stitched into it. Hey. It only took me two hours. Nothing was hand-stitched. It wasn’t that big a deal. I sew for a living. A wedding dress designer. The irony is not lost on me, don’t worry.

“Couldn’t you have just bought a stuffed animal like a normal person?” murmurs the person on my left. Andreas (born Andrew), my assistant, and the only man here. Gay, of course—do straight men work in designer bridal wear? Also, he hates and fears children, which makes him the perfect date for me under the circumstances. I needed an ally.

Have I mentioned that the shower is held in the apartment I once shared with Owen? Where, so far as I could tell, he and I were extremely happy? Yes. Liza is hosting, but the power went out in her apartment, thanks to the ham-fisted construction crew installing her new glass countertops (granite being so very last decade), and so we’re here instead. Liza is sweaty and loud, rightfully worried about being judged on her prowess as hostess. This is the Upper East Side, after all. We’re all about judgment here.

The gifts (including mine) border on the ridiculous. The shower invitation (engraved from Crane’s) asked, at the behest of the parents, for donations to the clean-well-water charity Ana-Sofia founded—Gushing.Org, the name of which brings to mind a particularly bad menstrual period, but which raises funds for wells in Africa. Yeah. Therefore, everyone donated fat checks and tried to outdo themselves with gifts. There’s a Calder mobile. A 1918 edition of Mother Goose stories. A mohair Steiff teddy bear that costs about as much as the rent on my soon-to-be former apartment in the Village.

My gaze drifts across the now-tastefully furnished apartment. When I lived here, it was cozier and Bo-Ho—fat, comfortable furniture, dozens of pictures of my three nieces, the occasional wall hanging from Target, that bastion of color and joy for the middle class. Now, the décor is incredibly tasteful, with African masks on the wall to remind us what Ana-Sofia does, and original paintings from around the globe. The walls are painted those boring, neutral colors with sexy names—October Fog, Birmingham Cream, Icicle.

There’s their wedding photo. They eloped, so thank God I didn’t have to go to that (or, God forbid, make her gown, which I would’ve done if asked, because I’m still pretty pitiful where Owen is concerned and can’t figure out how to divorce him out of my heart). Though the photo was taken by the justice of the peace in Maine, it’s perfect. Both bride and groom are laughing, slightly turned away from the camera, Ana’s hair blowing in the sea breeze. The New York Times featured the photo in the Sunday Vows section.

They really are the perfect couple. Once, it was Owen and me, and while I didn’t expect perfection, I thought we were pretty great. We never fought. My mom felt that since Owen is half Japanese, he was a better bet than “those simpletons” I dated (all of whom I hoped to marry at one point or another, starting with Nico Stephanopolous in eighth grade). “The Japanese don’t believe in divorce,” Mom said the first time I introduced her. “Right, Owen?”

He agreed, and I can still see his omnipresent, sweet smile, the Dr. Perfect Smile, as I called it. It’s his resting expression. Very reassuring to his patients, I’m sure. Owen is a plastic surgeon, the kind who fixes cleft palates and birthmarks and changes the lives of his patients. Ana-Sofia, who is from Peru and speaks five languages, met Owen eleven weeks after our divorce when he was doing his annual stint with Doctors Without Borders in the Sudan and she was digging wells.

And I make wedding dresses, as I believe I’ve already said. Listen. It’s not as shallow as it sounds. I make women look like they dreamed they would on one of the happiest days of their lives. I make them cry at their own reflections, I give them the dress they’ve spent years thinking about, the dress they’ll be wearing when they pledge their hearts, the dress they’ll pass onto their own daughters someday, the dress that signifies all their hopes and dreams for a happy, sparkling future.

But compared with what Owen and his second wife do, yeah, it’s incredibly shallow.

In theory, I should hate them both. No, he didn’t cheat with her. He’s far too decent for that.

He loves her, though. Ostensibly, I could hate him for loving her and not me. Make no mistake. I was heartbroken. But I can’t hate Owen, or Ana-Sofia. They’re too damn nice, which is incredibly inconsiderate of them.

And being Owen’s friend is better than being without Owen entirely.

The quilt has made the rounds of admiration and is passed back to Ana. She strokes it tenderly, then looks at me with tears in her eyes. “I don’t have the words to tell you how much this means.”

Oh, shut up, I want to say. I forgot to buy you a gift and dashed this off last night with some leftover Duchess satin. It’s no big deal.

“Hey, no worries,” I say. I’m often glib and stupid around Ana-Sofia. Andreas hands me another cream puff. I may have to give him a raise.

“I’m so excited about your new shop,” Ana says. “Owen and I were talking about how talented you are just last night.”

Andreas gives me a significant look and rolls his eyes. He has no problem hating Ana-Sofia and Owen, which I appreciate. I smile and take another sip of my mimosa, which is made with blood oranges and really good champagne.

If I’m ever pregnant, though the chances of that are plummeting by the hour, I imagine I’ll have the unenviable “I sat on an air hose” look that my sister had when she was percolating the triplets. There was no glow. There was acne. Stretch marks that made her look as if she’d been mauled by a Bengal tiger. She gnashed on Tums and burped constantly, but in true Rachel fashion, my sister never complained.

Ana-Sofia glows. Her perfect olive skin is without a blemish or, indeed, a visible pore. Her boobs look fantastic, and though she is eight and a half months pregnant, her baby bump is modest and perfectly round. She has no cankles. Life is so unfair.

“We just found out that our daughter’s classmate is her half-brother,” says the taller woman in Lesbian Couple #1. One of them just became a partner in Owen’s practice, but I don’t remember her name. “Imagine if we hadn’t known that! She could’ve ended up dating her half-brother! Marrying him! The fertility clinic gave  out fourteen samples of that donor’s sperm. We’re filing a lawsuit.”

“It’s better than adopting,” says another woman. “My sister? She and her husband had to give back their son the fourth time he set fire to the living room.”

“That’s not so bad. My cousin adopted, and then the birth mother came out of rehab and the judge gave her custody of the baby. After two years, mind you.”

On the other side of the circle, there seems to be a heated debate over whose labor and delivery was most grueling. “I almost died,” one woman says proudly. “I looked at my husband and told him I loved him, and the next thing I knew, the crash cart was there…”

“I was in labor for three days,” another states. “I was like a wild animal, clawing at the sheets.”

“Emergency cesarean eight weeks early, no anesthesia,” someone else says proudly. “My daughter weighed two pounds. NICU, fifty-seven days.”

And we have a winner! The other mothers shoot her resentful looks. Talk turns to food allergies, vaccines, family beds and the sad dearth of gifted and talented programs for preschoolers.

“This is fun,” I murmur to Ana-Sofia.

“Oh, yes,” she says. Irony is not one of her skills. “I’m so glad you are here, Jenny. Thank you for giving up your afternoon! You must be very busy with the move.”

“You’re moving?” one of her extremely beautiful and well-educated friends asks. “Where?”

“Cambry-on-Hudson,” I answer. “I grew up there. My sister and her family are—“

“Oh, my God, you’re leaving Manhattan? Will you have to get a car? Are there any restaurants there? I couldn’t live without Zenyasa Yoga.”

“You still go to Zenyasa?” someone says. “I’ve moved on. It’s Bikram Hot for me. I saw Neil Patrick Harris there last week.”

“I don’t do yoga anymore,” a blond woman says, studying a raspberry. “I joined a trampoline studio over on Amsterdam. Sarah Jessica Parker told me about it.”

“What about brunch?” someone asks me, her brow wrinkling in concern. “What will you do for brunch if you leave the city?”

“I think brunch is illegal outside Manhattan,” I answer gravely. No one laughs. They may think I’m telling the truth.

Now granted, I love Manhattan. To paraphrase the song, if you make it here, the rest of the world is a cake walk. And I have made it here. I’ve worked for the best—even Vera Wang, as a matter of fact. My work is sold at Kleinfeld’s and has supported me for fifteen years. I was named one of the Designers of the Year when I was at Parson’s. I’ve been to not one but two parties at Tim Gunn’s place. He greeted me by name (and yes, he’s as nice as he seems).

But while I love the city, its roar, its buildings and smells, its subways and skyline, in my heart of hearts, I want a yard. I want to see my nieces more often. I want the happily ever after that my sister nailed, that’s unfolding for my ex-husband and his too-nice wife.

I hope I’m running to something, not away. The truth is, work has felt a little flat lately.

Cambry-on-Hudson is a lovely little city about an hour north of Manhattan. It has several excellent restaurants (some even serve brunch, shockingly). The downtown has a movie theater, flowering trees, a park and a Williams-Sonoma. It’s hardly a third-world country, no matter what these women think. And the latest shop is Bliss. Custom-made wedding gowns. My baby, in lieu of the human kind.

My phone beeps softly with a text. It’s from Andreas, who has put in his ear buds in order to drown out the stories of blocked milk ducts and bleeding nipples. Check out the nose on the great-aunt. I hope the baby inherits that. I smile at him gratefully.

“Did you hear about the obstetrician who fathered fifty-nine babies?” someone asks.

“That was an episode on Law & Order.”

“Ripped from the headlines,” someone else murmurs. “Someone in my building was one of his patients.”

“Oh. Oh, dear,” Ana-Sofia says.

I turn to her. She looks a bit startled. “It’s probably not true,” I tell her. “No…I think…it appears my water has broken.”

There is a silence, followed by a collective roar.

I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say that, despite there being a dozen women who’ve given birth all jockeying for position, my hand is the one Ana-Sofia clutches. “Oh, Jenny, it’s happening,” she says, and her beautiful brown eyes are wide and terrified, and then I’m easing her onto the floor and crouched between her still- slim thighs (she’s maintained her bikini wax, FYI). Off with the thong (really, it’s like she’s showing off), and holy Mother of God, I can see the head.

I fumble in my purse for the travel-size Purell (if you ride the subways on a daily basis, you carry Purell). Slap some on my hands. “Get some towels and quiet down!” I bark at the other shower guests. I’m kind of good in emergencies. Liza hands me a stack of towels (very soft and about to be ruined by whatever comes out of a woman during childbirth).

“Let me help,” Liza whines. Indeed, this would make a great Facebook post. Just delivered my BFF’s baby, LOL! –with Ana-Sofia Marquez-Takahashi.

“I need to push,” Ana pants, and she does, once, twice, a third time, and a face appears (a baby! there’s a baby coming into my hands!). One more push, and I’m holding it, slimy and covered in white gunk and a little blood and incredibly beautiful.

Dark hair, huge eyes. A miracle.

I ease her out all the way and put her on Ana’s chest. “It’s a girl,” I say, covering the baby with a towel.

Then FDNY clomps in, and I entertain a quick and deeply satisfying fantasy—
The head firefighter is filled with admiration for my cleverness, checks me out and asks me to dinner in the cutest Brooklyn accent the world has ever heard. His biceps flex hypnotically, and at the end of the date, yes, he does pick me up to demonstrate just how easy it would be for him to save my life, and a few years later, we have three strong sons and twin daughters on the way. And a Dalmatian.

But no, their attention is quite taken with Ana-Sofia (as it should be, I guess, though it would be nice if just one of them checked me out). Someone cuts the cord, and Ana is weeping beautifully over her daughter, and Liza holds her phone to Ana’s ear so my ex-husband can sob his love and admiration for his wife, who just set the land-speed record for labor and delivery.

From down the hall, I can hear Andreas dry-heaving in the tastefully decorated powder room over the murmurs of admiration from the shower guests and the brawny firefighters as they tell Ana how amazing she is, how beautiful her daughter is.

Seems like I’m leaving the city in the very nick of time.



About Kristan Higgins

Kristan Higgins

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristan Higgins writes down-to-earth romantic comedies…real life, true love and lots of laughs.

Kristan fell in love with romance at the age of 13, when she stole her grandmother’s copy of Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Much of her adolescence was spent mentally rewriting the end of Gone With the Wind. After a career in public relations and advertising, she started writing fiction when her children graced her life with simultaneous afternoon naps. She is the author of seven romantic comedies and absolutely loves her job. Mom of two great kids, wife of a heroic firefighter and owner of a very cute mutt, Kristan lives in Connecticut.

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Review: Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams

26th Aug 2015 Tamara @ Gone with the Words 2015, Reviews, Reviews by Tamara

Review: Ruthless by Carolyn Lee AdamsRuthless by Carolyn Lee Adams
Published by Simon Pulse
Pub Date: July 14th 2015
Pages: 256
Format: ARC | Source: Gifted
Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Young Adult
Buy the book! | Goodreads
4 Stars

A spine-tingling debut about the ultimate game of cat-and-mouse in reverse as a teen struggles to retain hope—and her sanity—while on the run from a cunning and determined killer.

Ruth Carver has always competed like her life depends on it. Ambitious. Tough. Maybe even mean. It’s no wonder people call her Ruthless.

When she wakes up with a concussion in the bed of a moving pickup truck, she realizes she has been entered into a contest she can’t afford to lose.

At a remote, rotting cabin deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ruth’s blindfold comes off and she comes face-to-face with her captor. A man who believes his mission is to punish bad girls like Ruth. A man who has done this six times before.

The other girls were never heard from again, but Ruth won’t go down easy. She escapes into the wilderness, but her hunter is close at her heels. That’s when the real battle begins. That’s when Ruth must decides just how far she’ll go in order to survive.

Back home, they called her Ruthless. They had no idea just how right they were.

Ruthless is a story about survival. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. Ruth Carver wakes up blindfolded, in the bed of a moving truck and has no idea how she got there or where she’s going. When the truck finally stops and her blindfold is removed she realizes a creepy farmhand she asked her father to fire has abducted her. Now the guy she calls “The Wolfman” wants to punish her and get some payback for what she did. Ruth has to figure out how to stay alive and get away from him.

Ruth is strong and manages to figure out a lot of things while she’s being held captive. She realizes The Wolfman has done this before to other girls and she vows not to end up like them. Ruth really uses her head and manages to keep it together during this ordeal. I loved how smart she was and how she was determined to get through this, she did not let herself give up. This is one of those stories that really scares you because you have no idea how you would react if you were in it yourself. I have no idea if I could be as brave as her if I was in that situation.

This book also lets us see into The Wolfman’s world, we see what it was like for him growing up and it adds to the creepy factor. This guy is such a creep, we get little glimpses of why he felt the need to go after Ruth. It’s easy to see how he got so damaged and the twisted logic he uses to fuel his actions.

It was hard to put this book down, I kept telling myself “just one more chapter” and next thing I know it’s two in the morning and I’m done with the book. Like I said, this is a story about survival, not only does Ruth have to survive The Wolfman, she has to survive the unfamiliar wilderness she finds herself in. There were so many moments where Ruth could have given up and she almost does, but every time she finds a way to move forward and keep fighting. Ruth may not have been the nicest girl before all this happens but she didn’t deserve what The Wolfman planned for her and she refuses to let him win.

Ruthless is an amazing psychological thriller that keeps you engaged the whole way through. This definitely isn’t for younger readers and is a little scary because this situation could happen to anyone. This is an intriguing story about a girl who gets caught by a monster and she refuses to let herself be his next victim.  If you love a good thriller and mystery I would definitely pick this up.



Tamara @ Gone with the Words

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Review: Changing Forever by Lisa De Jong

24th Aug 2015 Rubi @ Gone with the Words 2015, Reviews, Reviews by Rubi

Review: Changing Forever by Lisa De JongChanging Forever by Lisa De Jong
Series: Rains #2
Published by Author
Pub Date: June 24th 2014
Pages: 286
Format: eBook | Source: Purchased
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Young Adult
Buy the book! | Goodreads
2 Stars

I’ve always let my past dictate my future, letting it paint a picture of exactly what I don’t want to be. Where I don’t want to end up.

Drake Chambers is as arrogant as I am stubborn. A college quarterback, a national star. I thought he was just another one of those guys … the type every girl should stay away from, but he’s carrying more than the weight of the football team on his shoulders.

He unravels the feelings and beliefs I’ve held onto for so long. 

I thought we had it all figured out. Two people who’d finally found their happily ever after, but the past always has a way of sneaking into the present.

With one decision, everything changes … forever.

This Rains series is made up of three companion novels & one novella; each book follows one of three friends. This second book gives us the story of Emery (Kate’s roommate from book 1) & Drake and is told in alternating POVs between these two main characters as they cross that familiar line from hate to love.

Emery is meant to portray a strong female protagonist who is determined to have a bright future no matter how much work it takes. She’s never been the party girl, so skipping college parties in order to study is no big deal.

Drake  is the star quarterback who is counting on going pro to set himself up for a prosperous future. He’s not a fan of the distractions (girls and the parties), but he’d rather do that then be caught in a library.

They both come from a less than ideal family situation, but the main thing these two have in common is how stubborn they are and this caused major frustration for me as the reader! Usually, when crossing the line between hate/love, the characters waver a bit which causes an interesting plot. These two, on the other hand, grabbed that “line” and decided to play jump rope with it! I mean, seriously! There was so much back and forth that it just felt completely unhealthy. As a reader, you want to root for a happy ending, but if this was a real life situation I would’ve told both parties it was best to call it quits. These two had such great banter the first third of the book so the foundation of their relationship was really set nicely, but the constant fighting drained their story. The “twist” in the final chapters also caused for a rushed ending.

Another thing I had a problem with were the inconsistencies. There were quite a few scenes in this second book that were changed from the novella, After the Rain, which was book 1.5 in the series. Ex: In After the Rain, Cory is the person who invites Drake to the party and Beau isn’t too happy about it. That same scene in Changing Forever, Beau is the one who invites Drake and they actually seem like pretty close friends.

The one part of the story I did enjoy was the friendship between Emery and Kate! I’ve always loved a good friendship where there is no drama. The two are genuinely there for each other and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! It also felt really good to see Kate getting along so well after everything she went through in When it Rains.

After having enjoyed book 1, When it Rains, so much, this was really a let down. Luckily, these are companion novels so they can also be read as standalone. I still really recommend reading book 1!


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Bedtime Stories…

23rd Aug 2015 Tamara @ Gone with the Words 2015, Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories…



This week I’m reading “A Curious Tale of the In-Between” by Lauren DeStefano. I picked up this ARC at B.E.A. this year because I love a good ghost story! This will be my first DeStefano book, though I’ve been told I will love her other books too. So far so good, though the beginning is quite dark for an 8-12 year old. Prim died before she was born, her mother hung herself from a tree in front of a hospital…it’s a bit deep. Though I’ve just started I can’t wait to see how it turns out.






This week I’m reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but so far I’m enjoying it. This is an interesting mystery. I feel like I know where the story is going, but at the same time I feel like I’m missing a lot of pieces in the puzzle. I’m about half way through this book and I’ve realized that this story is full of secrets and I can’t wait until they’re all revealed!






I’m currently reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer at bedtime. I had decided to put the series off until the release of Winter, the final book in The Lunar Chronicles series, and when I heard about the #TLCreadalong I knew it was perfect! It’s been hard to stick to only reading a few chapters every week to make the book last an entire month, but it really helps build up the anticipation! As a first timer with this series, I quickly realized why so many people love it as much as they do. It includes a feisty cyborg Cinderella, a dreamy prince, and a wicked villain who is determined to get her way. So what’s not to love?



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Review: Valiant by Sarah McGuire

19th Aug 2015 Ashley @ Gone with the Words 2015, Reviews, Reviews by Ashley

Review: Valiant by Sarah McGuireValiant by Sarah McGuire
Published by EgmontUSA
Pub Date: April 28th 2015
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover | Source: Purchased
Genres: Middle Grade
Buy the book! | Goodreads
3.5 Stars

Saville despises the bolts of velvet and silk that her father loves- he's always prized them more than he's ever loved her. Yet when he's struck ill, she'll do anything to survive, even donning boys' clothes and begging a commission to sew for the king.

Piecing together a fine coat is far simpler than unknotting court gossip about an army of giants led by a man who cannot be defeated. And they're marching toward Reggen to seize the throne. But Saville knows giants are just stories, and no man is immortal.

Then she meets them, two scouts as tall as trees. She tricks them into leaving, but tales of the daring tailor's triumph quickly spin into impossible feats of giant-slaying. And mere stories won't deter the Duke and his larger-than-life army.

Now only a courageous and clever tailor girl can see beyond the rumors to save the kingdom again.

(Originally posted by Ashley on Must Love Books)

Saville’s father is the best tailor in Daniver but he can’t seem to abide by the rules set in place by the cities tailors guild; so he decides to move Saville to Reggan, a city that has no such guild. Shortly after they arrive, the tailor falls ill and becomes completely paralyzed. It doesn’t take long before Saville is almost out of patience, money and food. Knowing that the only thing she can do to survive is the one thing she hates the most, sewing. She decides to follow through with her father’s plan–get to the king and prove to him that she is the best tailor in all the land then gain his trust–and his money. This proves to be problematic because girls are not trusted to touch the king let alone take his measurements. Saville must dress and act like a boy to wins the commission of the king.

Saville’s only friend is Will, a young homeless boy she takes in off the streets. The duo become quite the team and even though Will discovers Saville’s biggest secret but he swears to never tell.

Rumors begin in the city about an impending war with giants as big as trees and a mysterious new Duke who claims he is the rightful heir to the throne. Will is convinced the giants are real but Saville doesn’t believe in giants–they’re just fairy tales right? Wrong. When the giants make their first appearance in the field outside the city, the townspeople are frantic, the giants have picked someone out of the crowd and are tossing them around like a rag-doll. By the time Saville reaches the field, she is horrified to discover it’s Will the giants have in their grasp. Still dressed as a boy, Saville outsmarts the giants and saves Will. When the king finds out what has happened, he rewards the young tailor with the princess hand in marriage.

The events that follow will take the reader on a non-stop adventure through the castle’s long lost secret passageways,  over castle walls and into the giants camp, and up close with the feeble king of Reggan.

My Thoughts

I have to be honest here, the only reason I read this book is because I set up an author event with Sarah McGuire. This book may not have come across my radar any other way, but I am so glad it did!

Before the first chapter was over, I hated Saville’s father the Tailor. He loved his fabrics far more than his daughter and that didn’t sit well with me at all. He is a cold, unloving character and it’s sad that the Tailor is her only family left and he seems to not care for her at all. Perhaps that’s what made Saville the lovable, tough as nails heroine she turned out to be.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a good fairy tale with a strong female heroine. I was pleasantly surprised with this debut author and can’t wait to see what else she comes up with!


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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors On My Auto-Buy List, Part II

17th Aug 2015 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2015, Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors On My Auto-Buy List, Part II

It’s kind of amazing to think that since doing this list back in 2013 (see here), I’ve added TEN more authors to my auto-buy list! I love that! Ok, so this is who made the list this time…

1. Leigh Bardugo

2. Trish Doller

3. Miranda Kenneally

4. Bethany Chase

5. Huntley Fitzpatrick

6. Emery Lord

7. Marie Lu

8. Sarah J. Maas

9. Jojo Moyes

10. Laini Taylor


Are any of these on your list?



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Review: When It Rains by Lisa De Jong

17th Aug 2015 Rubi @ Gone with the Words 2015, Reviews, Reviews by Rubi

Review: When It Rains by Lisa De JongWhen It Rains by Lisa De Jong
Series: Rains #1
Published by Author
Pub Date: September 25th 2013
Pages: 337
Format: eBook | Source: Purchased
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Young Adult
Buy the book! | Goodreads
4.5 Stars

One night changed my life forever.

Beau Bennett has been my best friend since I can remember. He was my first crush before everything came crashing down, and now he wants more, but it's more than I can give him. Things are different now. I wish I could tell him why, but I can't.

I haven’t told anyone.

I never knew how much I really needed him until the day he left for college, and I was completely alone.

Then one day, Asher Hunt rides into town with his dark, captivating eyes and cocky grin. He doesn't care who I used to be, he's simply breathing life into what’s left. People warn me to stay away from him, but he helps me forget the pain that has held me hostage for so long; something I thought was impossible before he walked into my life.

I’ve been hurt.

I’ve been saved.

And I’ve found hope.

I thought my story was written that night, but now I know it was only a new beginning. Until one secret turns my world upside down…


I randomly ran across When It Rains by scrolling on Goodreads and there was just something about the cover that caught my eye! After reading the book description I just knew I had to read it asap! My tbr is pretty long but I moved it to the top of my list and I’m very glad to have done so. This is a story that I needed to read. Every now and then it’s good to read a book that completely grabs you by the heart & makes you feel & When It Rains did just that.

This is a story about a 19 year old girl, Kate, who has graduated high school but has decided to stay home and work in the town’s diner instead of going off to college like everyone else. Something horrible has happened to Kate & she has spent the last two years keeping it a secret. In doing so, she has pushed away everyone except for her mom & her bestfriend & first crush, Beau.

Timing has never been right for Beau & Kate; he’s now confessed his love for her, but Kate isn’t whole enough to handle a relationship with him or anyone.. or so she thinks. Beau is willing to give her space while he’s away in college & wait for Kate to be ready, but neither of them were counting on a new guy entering the picture! Asher Hunt wasn’t expecting anything more than fries & a shake when he walked into the diner, but there’s just something about the waitress with the green eyes & now, Kate isn’t the only one with a secret.

It wouldn’t be fair of me to not warn you so here goes nothing: When It Rains isn’t the kind of book that eases you into a plot. You are thrown into it as soon as you open the cover! I had to take a minute to gather my thoughts after having just read the prologue. The writing style is fantastic! We get the deep stuff thrown at us from page 1 and then, as the story develops, we are taken back in time and slowly given more details. Lisa De Jong also did an amazing job at character development and at some point I just decided I was gonna root for both Beau AND Asher! Lol crazy, but true! In the end, I think it was a perfect ending and I felt proud of Kate for how far she had come.

My reasons for this book not having been a full 5 stars will be part of this spoiler section, but I only recommend reading them after having read the book.  I really enjoyed Kate & Beau’s friendship from the beginning! I’m a total sucker for best friends that cross over to a relationship, so I was really rooting for them. Having said that, Asher made it really hard not to root for him as well! I appreciated the way he didn’t care to push for answers but instead just wanted to get close to Kate. View Spoiler » I think the author did a great job at breaking our hearts just enough to keep us reading.  A box of tissues later, I am happy with the ending & am more emotionally prepared for the next book in the series!

I hadn’t heard any buzz for this book, but have any of you read it before? If so, what were your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!


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Bedtime Stories…

16th Aug 2015 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2015, Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories…

Here’s the books we’re taking to bed this week…




I JUST finished Playing with Trouble, so I’m starting The Boy Most Likely To NOW. I re-read My Life Next Door last month (or the month before… my memory sucks) so Tim is fresh in my mind and I’m really looking forward to his story. I HOPE he gets a happily every after.






This week I am reading the ARC of Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s “We Never Asked for Wings” which comes out on Tuesday. The description on the back called it “A story of motherhood, Undocumented Immigration and the American Dream.” Letty has been working 3 jobs for years trying to support her parents and her children, Alex 15 and Luna 6. From day one, Letty has been a terrible parent, always counting on her mother to raise her children and avoiding them at all costs. When Letty’s parents decide to move back to Mexico, Letty is forced to step up and care for her children. I am completely invested in these characters, Alex is so smart and loving yet he doesn’t care much for his mother, though she really is trying. Letty is finally sober enough to deal with her past and she’s ready to do whatever she has to to make up for it. I am really enjoying this book and I can’t wait to see how everything plays out.




Currently, I’m reading Pushing Send by Ally Derby & Jacqueline Ross. I usually try to keep page turners off my nightstand to avoid being suckered into that infamous “one more chapter”, but Pushing Send tricked me! It began light/fluffy, and before I knew it the story went somewhere I wasn’t expecting. The change was very welcomed! Between that and our roadtrip I’m getting less hours of sleep these past nights, but it’s totally worth it!



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Ten Things That Scare Marie Lu | Slasher Girls & Monster Boys Blog Tour

14th Aug 2015 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2015, Blog Tours, Guest Posts

Ten Things That Scare Marie Lu | Slasher Girls & Monster Boys Blog Tour

I’m SO excited to have Marie Lu guest post on the blog today! I’m a huge fan of hers and this list was totally entertaining. And SPOT ON.


Ten Things That Scare Marie Lu | Slasher Girls & Monster Boys Blog TourSlasher Girls & Monster Boys by Marie Lu
Published by Dial
Pub Date: August 18th 2015
Pages: 400
Format: Hardcover | Source: Blog Tour
Genres: Young Adult
Buy the book! | Goodreads

For fans of Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Lois Duncan, and Daphne Du Maurier comes a powerhouse anthology featuring some of the best writers of YA thrillers and horror

A host of the smartest young adult authors come together in this collection of scary stories and psychological thrillers curated by Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’s April Genevieve Tucholke.

Each story draws from a classic tale or two—sometimes of the horror genre, sometimes not—to inspire something new and fresh and terrifying. There are no superficial scares here; these are stories that will make you think even as they keep you on the edge of your seat. From bloody horror to supernatural creatures to unsettling, all-too-possible realism, this collection has something for any reader looking for a thrill.

Fans of TV’s The Walking Dead, True Blood, and American Horror Story will tear through tales by these talented authors:

Stefan Bachmann
Leigh Bardugo
Kendare Blake
A. G. Howard
Jay Kristoff
Marie Lu
Jonathan Maberry
Danielle Paige
Carrie Ryan
Megan Shepherd
Nova Ren Suma
McCormick Templeman
April Genevieve Tucholke
Cat Winters

This year, I was lucky enough to be invited to write a short horror story for the anthology Slasher Girls & Monster Boys. Well, I did–and I’m psyched to be among such a fantastic crew of authors for this collection that comes out Aug. 18! We’re doing a blog tour in its honor, and now it’s my turn. So……let’s talk scary things.

I’m kind of a scaredycat. Show me the screenshot of something spooky, and I’ll be tiptoeing around my house for the rest of the night. But some part of me loves that little thrill, the feeling of the hairs going up on the back of my neck, the chill at a particularly eerie sentence. Without further ado, here are 10 Things That Scare Me:

10. Nursery Rhymes

Ring Around the Rosy = bubonic plague.
Jack and Jill = the beheading of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette.
Peter Peter Pumpkin-Eater = a man who kills his wife for cheating.

Remind me again why we sing these to kids? I remember being creeped out by them at a very early age….probably thanks to horror movies that always use them in their openings.

9. Bilbo Baggins

Don’t lie. When you were watching the first Lord of the Rings movie, you did NOT see this moment coming.

8. Spiders

I’m not going to shriek my head off and jump on a chair if I see a spider. But if I find myself in the town of Goulburn, Australia, when millions of tiny spiders are literally raining from the sky , well….I might scream a little.

7. House of Leaves (by Mark Z. Danielewski)

With a dedication like that, how could I be creeped out? This book is about a couple who move into a house that is larger on the inside than it is on the outside. It is written like a composite of found documents and typographic strangeness. It is….

6. The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth

Which makes me go

(Also, Pan’s Labyrinth a beautiful, heartbreaking, eerie, amazing movie. Guillermo del Toro never steers me wrong.)

5. Two-sentence horror stories

Two sentences are all that’s needed. Beautiful freaky simplicity. I mean, just check this one out:

There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.

Or this:

I never go to sleep. But I keep waking up.

4. Antigonish by Hughes Mearns

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish, I wish he’d go away

This part of the poem gets to me every time. In fact, I am typing this in the late afternoon, and already I’m staring warily at the stairs near the door.

3. Stephen Gammell

Even if you don’t recognize the name of this artist, you know his art. Remember his work in Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark? I used to have to cover his images in the books with a thick sheet of paper, because otherwise I couldn’t bear to read the story accompanying it at all. (Out of politeness, I’m not posting the one image we ALL remember, and that we ALL covered up. But I’ll link it.)

Yeah–I think the reason the books now have new art is because Stephen’s masterpieces gave too many kids traumatic nightmares.

2. P.T.

Okay. P.T. was released on the Playstation 4 in summer 2014. It was supposed to be an interactive, free playable teaser (hence the name) for another game, which I won’t give away so as not to spoil you. When the full game itself was cancelled, P.T. was pulled from the Playstation store….but not before enough people discovered that it is SCARY AS HELL. It has since developed a cult aura around it. Because, again, it is SCARY AS HELL.

You can still watch some walkthroughs of it on YouTube. In short, you start out by walking around in a house’s corridor at night. Strange sounds and sights happen as you explore. When you turn enough corners, you will…..find yourself right back in the corridor where you started. Over and over again. Things go downhill from there.


Aaaaand #1……

1. The open ocean….at night

This is my most horrible nightmare–floating in the open ocean, alone, at night, so that when you look down, you can see nothing but black, murky depths extending forever. OH MY GOD.

I rank this equal to being burned alive as one of the worst ways to die. (There is a reason why, in The Young Elites, I created the Underworld as a deep, neverending ocean.)

And now that I’ve thoroughly creeped myself out, I’m going to go find some ice cream and hide in my bed with a bat.

About Marie Lu

I write young adult novels, and have a special love for dystopian books. Ironically, I was born in 1984. I like food, fighter jets, afternoon tea, happy people, electronics, the interwebz, cupcakes, pianos, bright colors, rain, Christmas lights, sketches, animation, dogs, farmers' markets, video games, and of course, books. I suck at working out. I also get lost very easily, but am a halfway decent driver. At least, I like to think so. :)

I left Beijing for the States in 1989 and went off to college at the University of Southern California. California weather sweet-talked me into sticking around, so I'm currently in Pasadena with my boyfriend, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and a chihuahua mix. In my past life, I was an art director in the video game industry, but now I write full-time.

About Marie Lu

I write young adult novels, and have a special love for dystopian books. Ironically, I was born in 1984. I like food, fighter jets, afternoon tea, happy people, electronics, the interwebz, cupcakes, pianos, bright colors, rain, Christmas lights, sketches, animation, dogs, farmers’ markets, video games, and of course, books. I suck at working out. I also get lost very easily, but am a halfway decent driver. At least, I like to think so. :)

I left Beijing for the States in 1989 and went off to college at the University of Southern California. California weather sweet-talked me into sticking around, so I’m currently in Pasadena with my boyfriend, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and a chihuahua mix. In my past life, I was an art director in the video game industry, but now I write full-time.

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Say Hello To… Ashley & Rubi!

12th Aug 2015 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2015, Newsletter

Say Hello To… Ashley & Rubi!

Please help me welcome two wonderful new reviewers to the blog!


IMG_2889aHey Y’all! I’m Ashley

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re a fellow book nerd, welcome! I live in Virginia with my husband, daughter, two cats and a dog. I like books, a lot. I love collecting them (though my husband says it’s technically hoarding), reading them and talking about them to whoever will listen! Oh, and I work in a bookstore!

I’d say my collecting/obsession really started in middle school, when I discovered R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps. I mowed so many lawns so I could buy the whole series and I was always trying to convince family members to take me to the closest book store if I had extra money. Soon I was making my way through the Fear Street series and then on to my mother’s books; Mary Higgins Clark, Dean Koontz, John Grisham and Stephen King. After high school, I joined the Navy and didn’t have a whole lot of time (or space) to read. Once I got out of the military and got married, I quickly settled back into reading obsessively again and I haven’t slowed down!

For a lot of years I would only read a few genres, Fiction, Mystery and True Crime, but since I’ve started working in the bookstore, I read just about everything. In the past year I’ve really started reading more into YA and middle grade (this is what my daughter is reading).

When I’m not reading, I enjoy camping and 4-wheeling with my family, photography, crafting, traveling and binge watching something on t.v.!

Follow Online!
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Rubi-aHey! My name is Rubi.

I’m a 27 year old living in Texas who has a passion for reading and getting to know fellow bookworms! I loved reading growing up, but strayed from books during my high school years and early twenties. Fast forward to December 2013, everyone was talking about what resolutions they had for the coming year and how they would more than likely fall off the wagon by March. It got me thinking that I wanted to pick something attainable and really stick to it! I set myself a goal of reading 12 books in 2014, one for every month. I fell in love with the characters and their stories. I was a total goner & reached my goal by mid July!

I am now the girl who carries a book wherever I go and priorities when packing for a trip are books first, clothes second! When my boyfriend sees me crying, he no longer asks, “What’s wrong?”, now he just gives me a little smile & tells me “It’ll be alright” then lets me vent for 10 minutes about how that character did NOT have to die, etc. (He’s a total keeper! lol) Some of my favorite genres are YA, NA, contemporary, dystopian, thriller, humor, & paranormal, but I’ll read just about anything I can get my hands on!

When not reading, I’m out with my beau shooting photography (portraits & scenic). We do lots of traveling as well because there are endless beautiful places to capture! Some of my random obsessions are binge watching shows on Netflix/Hulu, football, basketball, scented candles, drinking tea, makeup, bubble baths, dandelions, meaningful quotes, & British accents.

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As you can see, they’re going to fit right in with us. I’m so excited to work with you ladies! WELCOME!

Jess @ Gone with the Words

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