Review: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

31st Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Reviews, Reviews by Jess

Review: Moon Called by Patricia BriggsMoon Called by Patricia Briggs
Narrator: Lorelei King
Series: Mercy Thompson #1
Published by Ace Books
Pub Date: January 31st 2006
Length: 9 hrs, 14 mins
Format: Audiobook | Source: Purchased
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Buy the book! | Goodreads
5 Stars

Mercy Thompson's next next-door neighbor is a werewolf. She's tinkering with a VW bus that happens to belong to a vampire. But then, Mercy Thompson is not exactly normal herself...

Mercy is a shapeshifter, and though she was raised by werewolves, she can never be one of them, especially after the pack ran her off for having a forbidden love affair. So she's turned her talent for fixing cars into a business and now runs a one-woman mechanic shop in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State.

But Mercy's two worlds are colliding. A half-starved teenage boy arrives at her shop looking for work, only to reveal that he's a newly Changed werewolf - on the run and desperately trying to control his animal instincts. Mercy asks her neighbor Adam Hauptman, the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, for assistance.

But Mercy's act of kindness has unexpected consequences that leave her no choice but to seek help from those she once considered family - the werewolves who abandoned her...

This has always been one of those very established series I’ve been wanting to read. But of course, squeezing it in was always the problem. Until I got the audiobook! Perfect solution!

I don’t really know how to describe what completely won me over with this book. I loved all aspects of it, really. Mercy, a strong heroine. Adam, the alpha who completely intrigued me from the get go. The world building, which I’m guessing we’ve only seen a bit of, was totally magical. The plot was mysterious and exciting. The secondary characters had so much character, they completely cemented my feelings on how much I will enjoy the rest of this series. And the setting! I absolutely love the setting. Really, any book set in Washington state will be a winner for me. It’s one of my top places to visit one day.

The audiobook (Penguin Audiobooks, Released 9/1/09, length 9 hrs and 14 mins), narrated by Lorelei King, was so completely well done. Lorelei King’s performance is stellar. I was hanging on every word. I plan to continue this series via audiobooks, especially since they’re all read by Lorelei. It’s the type of story that, when read perfectly, is completely cinematic.

If you’re in the market for an adult urban-fantasy story, whether it be via audiobook, which I highly recommend, or just in print, you will do yourself a favor by picking up Mercy Thompson.

What Some Friends Had to Say About It…

Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog – “Patricia Briggs has a writing style that draws you into the story quickly and never lets you go!”

Carmel @ Rabid Reads – “I’m thrilled to report that Moon Called fulfilled my need for a kick ass werewolf book tenfold.”

Amber R @ Awesomesauce Book Club – “This book is one of those books that I immediately have to read the rest of the series. Seriously, it’s that good.”


About Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs was born in Butte, Montana to a children’s librarian who passed on to her kids a love of reading and books. Patricia grew up reading fairy tales and books about horses, and later developed an interest in folklore and history. When she decided to write a book of her own, a fantasy book seemed a natural choice. Patricia graduated from Montana State University with degrees in history and German and she worked for a while as a substitute teacher. Currently, she lives in Montana with her husband, children and six horses and writes full-time, much to the delight of her fans.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Most Frustrating Characters Ever

29th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Frustrating Characters Ever

Oh, this Top Ten Tuesday… I thought I’d have a harder time than I did picking out ten characters, but nope. Can’t decide if this is good or bad. lol Oh, well. I should say that I love these characters though. Even if they frustrated me at times. I bet I’m going to see a lot of fun answers! Let’s do this!

Also, you can click on the names if you don’t know who they are. They’re linked to their book. :)


– Don’t even. YOU KNOW WHY!!


– The girl is imposing and she’s hard-headed. And she definitely doesn’t take “No” for an answer. Sometimes you just want her to shut up and listen for once. I love her though. Truly a kick-ass heroine.


– Just chalk this one up to BAD DECISIONS ALL AROUND.


– Because a lot of her choices had a lot of seriously bad repercussions. And it hurt a lot of people. Some even died!


– This would-be Summer Queen didn’t get her crap together until well into the series. And she strung along a certain character who was equally frustrating because he wanted someone other than Aislinn. Love squares!


– I LIED! I don’t love everyone on this list! I do NOT love drama queens. And I do NOT love possessive/needy men. Ew.


– Uhm, selfish much? She just came off as a user, only using people to better their situation. Whatever. Ok, I don’t love her either. I LIED AGAIN!


– OMG! WHAT is this obsession with Brandon?! Let go and let Doug!obsidian


– Def my most mild pick, but there were moments in the second book where I just wanted to shake her! GAH!


– He was mean, y’all!! And SO hot and cold!! I like him better in the second book though, so we’ve made our peace. :)


What characters frustrated you??



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Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu

28th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Reviews, Reviews by Jess

Review: Prodigy by Marie LuProdigy by Marie Lu
Series: Legend #2
Published by Putnam Juvenile
Pub Date: January 29th 2013
Pages: 371
Format: ARC | Source: Borrowed
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Buy the book! | Goodreads
5 Stars

June and Day arrive in Vegas just as the unthinkable happens: the Elector Primo dies, and his son Anden takes his place. With the Republic edging closer to chaos, the two join a group of Patriot rebels eager to help Day rescue his brother and offer passage to the Colonies. They have only one request—June and Day must assassinate the new Elector.

It’s their chance to change the nation, to give voice to a people silenced for too long.

But as June realizes this Elector is nothing like his father, she’s haunted by the choice ahead. What if Anden is a new beginning? What if revolution must be more than loss and vengeance, anger and blood—what if the Patriots are wrong?

I really wasn’t sure what direction Marie Lu would take in Prodigy, but it’s safe to say I wasn’t expecting to be punched in the gut at the end.

I really didn’t want to start by talking about the ending of this book, but it will not leave me! I had a feeling there had to be something HUGE coming when I was nearing the end, otherwise we probably could’ve wrapped up the series here. Not that everything is resolved, but there is some semblance of progress. I have a very bad feeling that there is no salvation for this particular turn of events. In fact, I’m resigning myself to the realization that my worst fear for this will come to pass. Am I going to hold out for a miracle? Well, of course! I WANT IT BADLY! But I can’t give my heart over to it, because it might kill me. WHY!?!? And that last page!!! I must confess, I cried in the end. That last page was so heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system… *shakes it off*

Prodigy moved at a pretty steady pace. Not once did I feel a lull in this book. It’s intense, edge-of-your-seat action and nail-biting suspense. It felt like everything was in their hands from the moment I cracked the book open.

I thought June had impressed me in Legend…but that was nothing compared to how much I love that girl after reading Prodigy. While she was still her kick-ass self, in this book she was also so vulnerable. She still can’t express her feelings to Day, but you can see her trying. And maybe that’s why she’s so much better at sniffing out the BS than he is though. She lives by logic and intelligence, where Day is all passion and impulsivity. The question of whether they match very well comes up a few times. Are they perfect for one another? Probably not. But we can’t do much about it once our heart is set on someone.

That was actually one of my biggest frustrations with this story. Day. I love you, Day, but I wanted to slap some sense into you a few times during this book. His uncertainty was killing me!! There were moments with June where he really let me down. And don’t EVEN get me started about Tess. WTF?! Maybe I saw it coming from her…but, again, the uncertainty from Day?! DUDE! No. I was not cool about it. And this is actually funny to me because the synopsis makes it seem as if June might make a misstep. It doesn’t always have to be the girl who messes up, you know. Most of the time, it isn’t. Just sayin’! :P

I was really surprised by some of secondary characters in this book. I’ve already talked a little about how I wasn’t a huge fan of Tess in this book, but there’s one I LOATHED from Legend whose confession surprised me. I won’t give that one away. Then there’s Anden. I really liked him. I liked his personality and his ideals. I like that he’s a ruler who is strong but fair. He just needs a little help with the leading… Surprised by this? Yeah, I KNOW! So was I!

I don’t know how to wrap this up properly, but just know that this series is by far one of the best dystopians out there. And this sequel only elevated the series. No sophomore slump for Marie Lu. Nope!! You guys must read it. Meanwhile, I’ll just wait here with bated breathe until the release of the third book.

What Some Friends Had to Say About It…

Asheley @ Into the Hall of Books – “Prodigy by Marie Lu is solid. It’s a solid second-part in the series that pretty much everyone seems to love, and I completely stand behind the reasons for this.”

Elena @ Novel Sounds – “Dear Day and June, Have you heard communication is the key to success in any relationship?”

Giselle @ Xpresso Reads – “Prodigy lives up to its predecessor, maybe even surpassing it with the incredible progress in the world development–which was something I was a tad disappointed by in Legend.”



About Marie Lu

I write young adult novels, and have a special love for dystopian books. Ironically, I was born in 1984. I like food, fighter jets, afternoon tea, happy people, electronics, the interwebz, cupcakes, pianos, bright colors, rain, Christmas lights, sketches, animation, dogs, farmers’ markets, video games, and of course, books. I suck at working out. I also get lost very easily, but am a halfway decent driver. At least, I like to think so. :)

I left Beijing for the States in 1989 and went off to college at the University of Southern California. California weather sweet-talked me into sticking around, so I’m currently in Pasadena with my boyfriend, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and a chihuahua mix. In my past life, I was an art director in the video game industry, but now I write full-time.

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Gone with the Week {3}

26th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Gone with the Week

Gone with the Week {3}

For the details on the birth of this feature, check out my first ever Gone with the Week! :)

This Week on Gone with the Words…

JRYFB – Review: Storm’s Heart by Thea Harrison
Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like To See More Of
Waiting on Wednesday: Crash and Burn
Review: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

What’s the Word in Jess’ World…

My week was pretty uneventful…except for the day when my daughter couldn’t be found at school for like 20 mins!! GOSH! It was a horrible feeling. Worst 20 mins of my life! She’s ok and was safe the whole time, it was just that she wasn’t were we thought she was supposed to be, then the school didn’t know where she was, but she had been in a tutoring session the whole time. I don’t want to make a bid deal about it, but we’re getting her a cell phone so I won’t ever again be in a position where I can’t reach her.

ANYWAY! Other than that it was pretty uneventful. :/

Around the Blogosphere…

1. Do YOU know about UPS My Choice?! It’s really a gift to bloggers… check out April’s post for details!!

2. Probably one of the conventions I REALLY want to go to one day, Heidi’s “RT Convention 2013” gives us lots of useful info about it!!

3. lisa asks “How do you slay the green eyed beast?” …*grumbles* I hate that beast! But it afflicts us all at one point or another.

4. DO THIS!! “Sarah Dessen Read/Reread Challenge 2013” – Awesome challenge hosted by I Eat Words!

5. The classiest post you’ll read all year: Asheley’s “My Content Was Stolen. So What?



Bookish Goodies…


(Listed as Pictured and by Pub Date)

From Publisher/Author for Review – Thank you, Penguin, Scholastic, and Macmillan!
The Reunited (The FBI Psychics #3) by Shiloh Walker (Pub. 2/5/13, Berkley)
Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality by Elizabeth Eulberg (Pub. 3/1/13, Point)
Sky on Fire (Monument 14 #2) by Emmy Laybourne (Pub. 5/28/13, Feiwel & Friends)
Mortal Fire by Elizabeth Knox (Pub. 6/11/13, Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR))
A Midsummer Night’s Scream by R.L. Stine (Pub. 7/2/13, Feiwel & Friends)

eGalley Titles – Thank you, Random House!
Someday, Someday, Maybe: A Novel by Lauren Graham (Pub. 4/30/13, Ballantine Books)

Bought – Hardcovers
Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods #7) by Melissa de la Cruz (Pub. 1/15/13, Hyperion)

Bought – eBooks
Exclusively Yours (Kowalski Family #1) by Shannon Stacey (Pub. 1/1/12, HQN) – FREE RIGHT NOW! For Kindle and Nook!

Library Books
Opal (Lux #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Pub. 12/11/12, Entangled Teen)


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Review: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

24th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Reviews, Reviews by Jess

Review: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan MatsonAmy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
Published by Simon & Schuster
Pub Date: May 4th 2010
Pages: 344
Format: Hardcover | Source: Library
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Buy the book! | Goodreads
5 Stars

Amy Curry thinks her life sucks. Her mom decides to move from California to Connecticut to start anew--just in time for Amy's senior year. Her dad recently died in a car accident. So Amy embarks on a road trip to escape from it all, driving cross-country from the home she's always known toward her new life. Joining Amy on the road trip is Roger, the son of Amy's mother's old friend. Amy hasn’t seen him in years, and she is less than thrilled to be driving across the country with a guy she barely knows. So she's surprised to find that she is developing a crush on him. At the same time, she’s coming to terms with her father’s death and how to put her own life back together after the accident. Told in traditional narrative as well as scraps from the road--diner napkins, motel receipts, postcards--this is the story of one girl's journey to find herself.

GOSH! Where to even begin with this book?! There was absolutely so much I loved about it.

Obviously this book is about a road trip, one that goes not exactly as planned. What I love about road trips is that it gives a person time to really think about some things sometimes. Road trips have those moments where everyone falls silent for a time and it really makes one reflect on things. Amy and Roger sure had things to reflect upon. They’re both going through different things, but in a way they connect because of this. I loved watching them start to build this friendship and opening up to each other slowly but surely. I loved that they each respected each other too. Never were they mean or cruel. If anything, they were supportive even when they knew the other was not making the best decision. I loved that. I have so much love for this relationship, you don’t even know. So many times we read books where the characters hurt each other, but this book was not that. It was refreshing and I admire it so greatly.

One of the most fun parts of this book is the sections where Amy is cataloging their trip in her journal. There’s pictures and notes about each state they go through. It made me feel like I was in the car with them, experiencing the same places. AND THE PLAYLISTS!!! Oh gosh. I would get so incredibly giddy at seeing some of my favorite songs listed! But I totally flipped out when I came across…



Excuse me while I tell you a little story here….

You see, The Format is a catalyst band in my life. My fiancé and I met at a The Format show back in 2004. The day he asked me to marry him, we took a small road trip up to Dallas (from Houston) to see the band now fronted by the former frontman of The Format (The Format broke up, btw). This new band he’s in is called fun. and they’re HUGE right now, but at the time they were just starting out. That night at the fun. concert, we ran into Nate (the frontman/singer) and my fiancé and I told him all about how we met at his The Format show back in 2004 and how we’d just gotten engaged and came out to see their show. I showed him my ring and he said “Oh, wow! That’s so cool!” We also took a picture with him that I cannot find anywhere. But it’s ok because that day is forever ingrained in my memory.

So that’s my The Format story and why I flipped out when I came across them in this book. :)

This book was everything I thought it would be and more. I loved all aspects of it. I can’t wait to read more Morgan Matson amazingness.

What Some Friends Had to Say About It…

lisa @ lisa is busy nerding – “this book really stands apart as an extraordinary contemporary read.”

Ginger @ GReads! – “This story shows us that it’s not about the final destination, but more about how we got there.”

Estelle @ Rather Be Reading – “I can’t say enough fantastic things about this book. I was truly sad when it was over…”



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Waiting on Wednesday: Crash and Burn

23rd Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday: Crash and Burn

Waiting on Wednesday: Crash and BurnCrash and Burn by Michael Hassan
Published by Balzer + Bray
Pub Date: February 19th 2013
Buy the book! | Goodreads

On April 21, 2008, Steven "Crash" Crashinsky saved more than a thousand people when he stopped his classmate David Burnett from taking their high school hostage armed with assault weapons and high-powered explosives. You likely already know what came after for Crash: the nationwide notoriety, the college recruitment, and, of course, the book deal. What you might not know is what came before: a story of two teens whose lives have been inextricably linked since grade school, who were destined, some say, to meet that day in the teachers' lounge of Meadows High. And what you definitely don't know are the words that Burn whispered to Crash right as the siege was ending, a secret that Crash has never revealed.

Until now.

Michael Hassan's shattering novel is a tale of first love and first hate, the story of two high school seniors and the morning that changed their lives forever. It's a portrait of the modern American teenage male, in all his brash, disillusioned, oversexed, schizophrenic, drunk, nihilistic, hopeful, ADHD-diagnosed glory. And it's a powerful meditation on how normal it is to be screwed up, and how screwed up it is to be normal.


This book was lots of mixed reviews so far, but I’m still really curious about it, considering the premise. I’m looking forward to making my own mind up about it and hoping it’s not a let down. We’ll see!!



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Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like To See More Of

22nd Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like To See More Of

Oh…hmmm. I wonder if I can think of ten for this week’s topic!! Let’s see!
These will all be for YA books…



– You can never go wrong with books set at a beach or beach town.



– I really enjoyed On the Island and I know plenty of people have enjoyed Beauty Queens, and more recently Ten. So bring on the deserted island settings!



– C’mon, authors! Let me visit this land by way of your books!!



– I could only stretch out the country settings for so long…but wouldn’t it be amazing?!



– Yes! There should be more intergalactic adventures.



– I want more books set in my home state!!


That’s all the ones I could think of!! Not quite ten, but it’s ok. :) What settings would you guys like to see more of??



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Review: Storm’s Heart by Thea Harrison

21st Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Jess Reads Your Favorite Books, Reviews, Reviews by Jess

Review: Storm’s Heart by Thea Harrison

Review: Storm’s Heart by Thea HarrisonStorm's Heart by Thea Harrison
Series: Elder Races #2
Published by Berkley
Pub Date: August 2nd 2011
Pages: 305
Format: Paperback | Source: Purchased
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Buy the book! | Goodreads
4 Stars

He's a Wyr warrior, a god of storms. She's the heir to the Dark Fae throne. But desire will bring both to their knees in this all-new Novel of the Elder Races.

During the rule of her murderous Dark Fae uncle, Thistle "Tricks" Periwinkle found sanctuary among the Wyr in New York. Her ethereal beauty and sparkling personality won the hearts of the public, but after her uncle's death, there are those who don't want to see her ascend to the throne.

Able to wield thunder and lightning, Wyr sentinel Tiago Black Eagle has ruled the skies for centuries. His massive build and thunderous power make him one of the Wyr's best weapons. And he's sent to protect Tricks when she's almost assassinated in Chicago.

Soon, both Tiago and Tricks will fall prey to the stormy hunger that engulfs them—a passion that will shake the very foundation of all the worlds.

Going into this book I already knew I liked our heroine. We met Tricks, aka Niniane, in Dragon Bound, and I instantly liked her. She’s hilarious and spunky, and has a huge heart. I didn’t really remember Tiago from the first book, but he was instantly intriguing. His personality is brash most of the time, but you just have to see past that and realize his intentions are always good ones. And his sense of humor was definitely one I can appreciate. Together these two made for one entertaining pairing.

I had such a good time reading this book. It was really fun, with just the right amount of seriousness when called for. We also get such a build-up for the sexytimes in this book, but holy smokes is it worth the wait!! Tiago is one powerful male and he certainly conveys that power well in all aspects of himself…if you know what I mean. ;)

Niniane’s life is at stake in this book. She’s to ascend to the throne and someone would rather see her dead than be Queen of the Dark Fae. The mystery behind this was well crafted…until I met the character who’d turn out to be the culprit and I somehow knew. I just felt it somehow. I don’t know if it was the way they were written or if they were the logical or obvious choice, but I just knew it. It didn’t take away from the story in any way though.

This book left me with such a content feeling upon finishing. Tiago and Niniane will be ok and they have forever to figure out all the things that may come their way. I look forward to continuing this series…maybe even read all of it this year. :D If you’re looking for a Paranormal Romance series with a vast and imaginative world, with characters who are well developed, look no further!

Thank you, Amanda, for suggesting I read this book. It can certainly see why this series is a favorite of yours. :)

Whose Favorite Book Is This?


That would be the lovely Amanda of On a Book Bender! Amanda is one of the funnest tweeps I have come to know over my blogging lifetime of two years. I actually hope we can one day meet in real life…maybe she should make it down to ALA in Chicago this Summer. Just sayin. :P I mean, how far is Minnesota from Illinois? Looks doable on this map of the US I just googled! hehe

Anyway, if you are not following Amanda, you should definitely start. Her reviews are fun and her discussion posts are always some of my favorites.

Here’s what she had to say as to why she pick this book for me to read:

I chose Storm’s Heart by Thea Harrison for Jess to read for two reasons. 1. The Elder Races series is one of my favorite series EVER and if I think someone might even maybe remotely like it (yes, exactly like that), I suggest it. 2. Jess has read the first book in the series (Dragon Bound) and according to Goodreads, she gave it five stars. The logical step from there is to continue reading the series.

Check out Amanda’s review of Storm’s Heart!

Where to find Amanda:

Next Month’s Selection… has selected….


It’s Carrie’s selection! Look for my post and review of The Girl Who Chased the Moon in February!



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Gone with the Week {2}

20th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Gone with the Week

Gone with the Week {2}

About this Feature…

I’ve wanted to have a Sunday re-cap feature for a while now. This feature was inspired by both IMM, hosted by The Story Siren, as well as Stacking the Shelves over at Tynga’s Reviews. But more specifically, Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge, hosted by both Amanda of On a Book Bender and Tara of 25 Hour Books. I’m actually using Amanda’s format for these posts because I feel it’s incredibly organized and easy to follow. Thank you for the inspiration, ladies!

I wanted to combine the two ideas: sharing the books I got that week and sharing things from my life, my blog, and around the bookish community.

I’ve known what I want it to include, but have had a really hard time coming up with a name for it. One night, after Austin Teen Book Fest (Sept. 2012), my friends Sarah and Lena helped me come up with Gone with the Week. Thanks, ladies!!

What’s the Word in Jess’ World…

Ok, so I actually forgot to do one of these last weekend, but it’s because I haven’t posted on the weekends in a long time! Sorry, guys!! teehee I’ll try to not forget from now on!

Work’s finally slowed down, though I’m still working about 10 hours every day. Most likely this upcoming week will be the last week we do this (hopefully!).

Yesterday I finished the second book this year, you guys!! Work has been sucking up all my energy, and it’s made me behind on my reading goal already. *SIGH* I hope I can pick up my reading soon.

Around the Blogosphere…

  1. Amanda of On a Book Bender gives us “an ode to my reading companion” which made me teary eyed. Show Amanda some love!
  2. Lauren of Love is not a triangle gives us “A Discussion about Character Redemption” and I was all “GAH! I HATED DAEMON BEFORE ONYX!” or something…
  3. Alexa of Alexa Loves Books and Kate of Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands are hosting a very cool event come February…”Book Blogger Love-a-Thon” Sign up now!!

This Week at Gone with the Words…

Since I missed posting last weekend…you get two weeks worth of posts today!!

Review: Black Dawn by Rachel Caine
Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals For 2013
Review: Justice at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels
Review: Mistletoe & Margaritas by Shannon Stacey
Top Ten Tuesday: 2013 Debuts I’m Looking Forward To
Review: Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Bookish Goodies…


(Listed as Pictured and by Pub Date)

From Publisher/Author for Review – Thank you, Macmillan, St. Martin’s, and Penguin!!
Of Triton (Of Poseidon #2) by Anna Banks (Pub. 5/28/13, Feiwel & Friends)
Siege and Storm (The Grisha #2) by Leigh Bardugo (Pub. 6/4/13, Henry Holt and Co.)
Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen #2) by Rebecca Maizel (Pub. 1/29/13, St. Martin’s Griffin)

Haunted Moon (Otherworld #13) by Yasmine Galenorn (Pub. 1/29/13, Jove)
A Duke Never Yields (Affairs by Moonlight #3) by Juliana Gray (Pub. 2/5/13, Berkley)
Did You Miss Me? by Karen Rose (Pub. 2/5/13, Signet)
Going Under (Bound by Magick #3) by Lauren Dane (Pub. 2/5/13, Berkley)
Hip Check (New York Blades #10) by Deirdre Martin (Pub. 2/15/13, Berkley)
Midnight Alias (Killer Instincts #2) by Elle Kennedy (Pub. 2/5/13, Berkley)
Not Planning On You (Danvers #2) by Sydney Landon (Pub. 2/5/13, Signet)
Ride the Fire (Blakewell/Kenleigh Family Trilogy #3) by Pamela Clare (Pub. 2/5/13, Berkley)
Rush (Breathless #1) by Maya Banks (Pub. 2/5/13, Berkley)
Soulbound (Lone Star Witch #1) by Tessa Adams (Pub. 2/5/13, Signet)
The Autumn Bride (Chance Sisters #1) by Anne Gracie (Pub. 2/5/13, Berkley)

NetGalley Titles – Thank you, Egmont!
Notes from Ghost Town by Kate Ellison (Pub. 1/12/13, EgmontUSA)

Library Books
Rise (Nightshade Prequel #2) by Andrea Cremer (Pub. 1/8/13, Philomel)


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FF: Favorite Villain

18th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Follow Friday

FF: Favorite Villain

The Book Blogger Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee’s View and Alison Can Read where we all get together, say HI! to old friends, and make new ones. Happy Friday, everyone!!

This week’s question: Who is your favorite villain from a book?

Oh, GOSH!! This is an easy one.

WARNER of  Shatter Me/Destroy Me/Unravel Me.

By far. He conflicts my little heart and makes me question whether he’s really the bad guy here.


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Review: Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

17th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Reviews, Reviews by Jess

Review: Onyx by Jennifer L. ArmentroutOnyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Lux #2
Published by Entangled Teen
Pub Date: August 14th 2012
Pages: 366
Format: Paperback | Source: Borrowed
Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Buy the book! | Goodreads
4 Stars

Being connected to Daemon Black sucks…

Thanks to his alien mojo, Daemon’s determined to prove what he feels for me is more than a product of our bizarro connection. So I’ve sworn him off, even though he’s running more hot than cold these days. But we’ve got bigger problems.

Something worse than the Arum has come to town…

The Department of Defense are here. If they ever find out what Daemon can do and that we're linked, I’m a goner. So is he. And there's this new boy in school who’s got a secret of his own. He knows what’s happened to me and he can help, but to do so, I have to lie to Daemon and stay away from him. Like that's possible. Against all common sense, I'm falling for Daemon.


But then everything changes…

I’ve seen someone who shouldn’t be alive. And I have to tell Daemon, even though I know he’s never going to stop searching until he gets the truth. What happened to his brother? Who betrayed him? And what does the DOD want from them—from me?

No one is who they seem. And not everyone will survive the lies…

I will confess that I was NOT a fan of Daemon after Obsidian. I know, I know…I’m pretty much one of the very few who could not get past his meanness toward Katy. But…he was REALLY mean, you guys!! He made me cry for her in that cafeteria scene! Anyway, my point is that I went into Onyx reluctantly. And only on the assurance from friends that he got better…

Hi. My name is Jess, and I am now a fan of Daemon.

I know! How did this happen?! Well, mostly it was his obvious regret for the way he treated Katy in the previous book. Second, it was how much he obviously cared about her and wanted to be with her. Third, he showed us his nice, caring side A LOT more. He redeemed himself in my eyes!!! And in Katy’s, for that matter, but Katy is one stubborn girl.

Katy was terrified to trust him, to even be close to him, because of the way he had treated her. She was trying to be careful and not fall for him. So she spends a lot of the time pushing him away or keeping him at arm’s length (which isn’t always easy for her). But let me tell you…those moments where she gives in are explosive and steamy and totally awesome. And Daemon isn’t the only one who changes. In fact, Katy goes through crazy changes in this book. All of which were fascinating.

In Onyx we also get to learn a lot more about the Luxen’s time in DOD custody. Everyone discovers so many things no one knew before. So many secrets are uncovered, to the point where you don’t know who to trust by the end. The whole ride is completely exciting and certainly nail-biting.

The end of this book was such a rollercoaster of emotions! I was devastated, I was elated, I was in disbelief, I was happy. It was a lot! But I wouldn’t change a thing. Well maybe one thing. :’(

I am very much looking forward to reading Opal. I have a feeling is going to be even crazier than Onyx and I can’t wait!

What Some Friends Had to Say About It…

Ginger @ GReads! – “Jennifer Armentrout is a genius.  She will give you just enough to satisfy your taste and then walk away hungry for so much more… STARVING!”

Lisa @ Dizneeee’s World of Books – “I am seriously thinking that Jennifer Armentrout can do no wrong. Each book that I read of hers, I fall more in love with her writing and story-telling.”

Katie @ Mundie Moms – “Fans of Obsidian with love all they encounter in ONYX. This book is full of swoon worthy moments, sweet moments that will take your breathe away, action, danger, and a few surprises.”


About Jennifer L. Armentrout

# 1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki.

Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV.

She also writes adult and New Adult romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.

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Waiting on Wednesday: Things I Can’t Forget

16th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday: Things I Can’t Forget

Waiting on Wednesday: Things I Can’t ForgetThings I Can't Forget by Miranda Kenneally
Series: Hundred Oaks #3
Published by Sourcebooks Fire
Pub Date: March 1st 2013
Buy the book! | Goodreads

Kate has always been the good girl. Too good, according to some people at school—although they have no idea the guilty secret she carries. But this summer, everything is different…

This summer she’s a counselor at Cumberland Creek summer camp, and she wants to put the past behind her. This summer Matt is back as a counselor too. He’s the first guy she ever kissed, and he’s gone from a geeky songwriter who loved The Hardy Boys to a buff lifeguard who loves to flirt…with her.

Kate used to think the world was black and white, right and wrong. Turns out, life isn’t that easy…

Read an excerpt here.

Last year I become a Miranda Kenneally fan when I read Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker. I really enjoyed both of those!! And so now she’s on my auto-buy author list. :) CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!

Check out my reviews of Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker!


About Miranda Kenneally

Growing up in Tennessee, Miranda Kenneally dreamed of becoming an Atlanta Brave, a country singer (cliché!), or a UN interpreter. Instead she writes and works for the State Department in Washington, D.C., where George W. Bush once used her shoulder as an armrest. Miranda loves Twitter, Star Trek and her husband. Visit

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Top Ten Tuesday: 2013 Debuts I’m Looking Forward To

15th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: 2013 Debuts I’m Looking Forward To

GOSH! I’m looking forward to many! I’m going to try and give you a good mix of everything in this list though. :) I’ve already heard really great things about some of these, so it makes me even more excited for them. Here we go!



(Listed as pictured)
1. All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry
2. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke
3. Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn
4. City of a Thousand Dolls by Miriam Forster
5. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
6. Fault Line by Christa Desir
7. Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans
8. Uses for Boys by Erica Lorraine Scheidt
9. The Murmurings by Carly Anne West
10. The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan

Which debuts are you excited for?


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Review: Mistletoe & Margaritas by Shannon Stacey

14th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Reviews, Reviews by Jess

Review: Mistletoe & Margaritas by Shannon StaceyMistletoe & Margaritas by Shannon Stacey
Narrator: MacLeod Andrews
Published by Carina Press
Pub Date: December 5th 2011
Length: 2 hrs, 4 mins
Format: Audiobook | Source: Purchased
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Buy the book! | Goodreads
4 Stars

Heating up the Holidays

Claire Rutledge still believes in love, despite losing her husband. So, after two years, she's not surprised by the steamy dreams telling her it might be time to start moving on. But she didn't expect her friend Justin to have the starring role.

Justin McCormick has loved Claire since the moment he first saw her, but his best friend got there first. Now that Claire is ready to move on with her life, Justin is finding it harder than ever to hide his true feelings. And when they both get caught up in the holiday spirits at a party, their simmering mutual attraction boils over into a night neither of them can forget...

As it turned out, I did end up reading/listening to a Christmas book in December! And I was glad with my choice too!

Shannon Stacey become one of my favorite authors in 2012. So when I saw this little gem for so cheap, I quickly snatched it up. It is SO worth your money, friends. This is a short story, but Shannon Stacey’s characters are so well rounded that it felt like a full-length book. I loved that!

This story was completely fun, sexy, and emotional. It really had so much depth. And those smexy moments…wowzers!! The story pace was so well done it felt like a full novel to me. Also, all the characters are very well developed. I loved how well rounded this novella was.

I don’t believe this audiobook is sold on its own anymore. It is now part of the Holiday Kisses anthology. In any case, MacLeod Andrews does a fantastic job reading this book. And it’s a short listen, at only 2 hrs and 4 mins.

As always, thank you for always delivering such great Contemporary Romance stories Ms. Stacey. I am very much looking forward to reading more of your books.

What Some Friends Had to Say About It…

Jac @ For Love and Books – “So if you’re a romance fan? Or a Christmas fan? Or if you like Margarita’s. Or if you’ve ever drank a Margarita? You NEED to read this!”

April @ Good Books and Good Wine – “Friends, Mistletoe & Margaritas had one of my favorite types of romance tropes — fighting the undeniable attraction.”

Amy @ So Many Reads – “Mistletoe & Margaritas is a very sweet, emotional story. This is a great story to read anytime of the year, but especially at Christmastime.”


About Shannon Stacey

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Shannon Stacey lives with her husband and two sons in New England, where her two favorite activities are writing stories of happily ever after and riding her four-wheeler. From May to November, the Stacey family spends their weekends on their ATVs, making loads of muddy laundry to keep Shannon busy when she’s not at her computer. She prefers writing to laundry, however, and considers herself lucky she got to be an author when she grew up.

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Supernatural Being IRL

11th Jan 2013 Jess @ Gone with the Words 2013, Follow Friday

Supernatural Being IRL

The Book Blogger Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee’s View and Alison Can Read where we all get together, say HI! to old friends, and make new ones. Happy Friday, everyone!!


This week’s question: If you could choose one supernatural being/creature to really exists what would it be and why?

I’ve been asked this question before, and I STILL say Angels. Uhm, helloooooo!! AKIVA from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, anybody?! Or really, any Angel in any Angel book ever written! Well, except the evil ones, of course. :)



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